RPM OPEN 2024 in MAY

Get ready for an unforgettable disc golf experience at Lille Leland Gold – one of Europe’s most challenging and exciting courses. This tournament isn’t just a test of skill; it’s a journey through some of the most demanding aspects of the game. Prepare to be mentally and physically challenged, but rest assured, the fun and […]

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Welcome to the third event of the 2023 Swedish Disc Golf Pro Tour. We are in Lindesnes, Norway at the Lille Leland DGC. This is event number 3 of 7 in the SDGPT series. Thanks to Heatland Discgolf for filming this event. Round 3 Lead Card: Josef Berg Roni Rönkkönen Morten Brenna Blær Örn Ásgeirsson […]

Breaking News

Saturday 10th of June we are opening our brand new red lay out!  A layout where par plays around 900 rated. Together with our course pro Paul Black we are completing the red layout on the course to have it ready for the season! You still get to throw most of the amazing and breathtaking […]

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Paul Black has had a disc in his hand since the 1980’s when his family played disc golf for fun in the woods of Michigan, USA.  Since 2017, he’s been throwing every day, mainly in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and has been on tour since 2020.  And now with over 60 events and 6 […]

Lille Leland pargolf sesongåpning

Mi åpner for sesongen med en pargolf på blå sløyfe. De melder sol og varmere men hvis snøen ikke forsvinner så utsetter vi en ukes tid eller mer hvis det kreves. 300,- pr par vippses til Lille Leland gård. Mer info og påmelding her